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Construction Industry Scheme

If your business operates as a sub-contractor in the Construction Industry on a self-employed basis it needs to
register for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

If you are in business as a sole trader you can apply to be paid under deduction and there is a form you will need to complete to process this. Or you may wish to apply to be paid gross.

If you do not register for the Construction Industry Scheme contractors are required by law to deduct a bigger amount from any payments made to you.

If you are a contractor you will have to make monthly returns, and keep records of those deductions you have taken, when making a payment to a sub-contractor under a contract that covers construction operations.

If you are a sole trader who is CIS registered, CP Accountancy can provide financial accounts and are able to process your annual Self Assessment. (See Self Assessment Section for further information)

We can provide payroll services for contractors who run a CIS scheme by preparing for you:

Our Fees

Prices for this service depend upon the level of work needing to be done, but by way of an example, our average price for up to 10 sub-contractors starts from £20 per week or from £40 per month.

As you are required to submit a monthly report electronically to HMRC, declaring the payments and deductions you have made to subcontractors. For this service, we charge £10 per month.

Note: The above prices are based on our average costs, and may be more or less than this, depending on the volume of work required, and the time we think your work will take. Your fee will be ascertained, when we meet.