Corporation Tax (Limited Companies)

There are statutory requirements for a Limited Company, in terms of its deadlines for submission of its accounts and company tax return known as a CT600. Penalties are charged with interest, if they arrive late.

The deadline for your Abbreviated Accounts to be lodged at Companies House, is 9 months after your year end. For example, if you year end is March 31st, the abbreviated accounts would be delivered to Companies House on or before 31st December.

You would also pay any Corporation Tax that your Company is liable for, at this time.

The deadline for your Full Statutory Accounts and your Company Tax Return (CT600), to be delivered to HMRC, is on or before 12 months after your year end. These must be fully XBRL and iBRL compliant for submission by electronic filing to HMRC.

Our Fees

CP Accountancy are happy to discuss your personal requirements in this area, and our prices start from £750 for accounts and accounts preparation and CT600.



Note: The above prices are based on our average costs, and may be more or less than this, depending on the volume of work required, and the time we think your work will take. Your fee will be confirmed when we meet.