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New Business Startups

If you are thinking of starting up a new business, is is important to start on a firm footing, based on sound professional advice from the outset. As you thrive and grow CPAccountancy can guide you through all the processes involved in setting up your business with HMRC, and together we can create a system for your paperwork, that will organise you and enable you to keep your finger on the pulse, givng you peace of mind, of where you business is financially, on a monthly basis.

Business Plan

We can help you create your Business Plan and cashflow forecast- which can help you to raise capital, and also give you projections and achievable goals.

Which Type of company?

All three options are available and we can help to guide you on which route to take, based on commercial factors such as, public awareness, level of risk, personal protection, and tax efficiency.


Our job, is to save you as much tax as possible by looking at the accounting treatment of your financial data, together with the disclosures that will be required in your accounts and interpretation of current legislation.

You will pay tax in one or more of the following ways:

Schedule D Tax
part of the 1988 tax act that refers to income for those who are self employed or in a partnerhsip.
Corporation Tax
a tax payable on the net profits of a limited company.
a tax you pay quarterly, once your income goes over the current VAT threshold.
Schedule E Tax
if you also have employed income, whilst being in business, you will pay this tax automatically through your employer. If you make losses, we can look at reclaiming some or all of this paid tax (depending on the level of any losses you make).

We can also process your Payroll, PAYE and VAT returns for HMRC on a regular basis and you'll find details of these elsewhere within this services section.

Accounting Systems

We can help you to set up your book keeping system, as a manual or computerised system, to suit your own requirements

Other Issues

We can also guide you on such matters as:


Why not arrange a visit, where we can have a free of charge, friendly, non-comittal chat to discuss the best way forward for you.