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Whether you employ 1 person or 250 people, we operate a payroll system with easy to understand user-friendly reports, produced on a weekly or monthly basis and at a fixed fee.

We process your weekly payroll on the Tuesday of each week (monthly ones, roughly 5 days before pay-day). You simply fax or email us the hours or weekly pay rates, by an agreed time, and we process the payroll and email the reports back to you, that same day. We will then post out the reports and pay slips, by first class post, later that day.

If your employees are paid by cash, we provide both a cash breakdown for the individual's payslip and a cash request breakdown for you to fax to your bank, in advance. If you pay by BACS, we can provide a BACS report for you.

Our fees includes:

Converting your Payroll to our system

If you currently have someone processing your payroll, and you wish to use our services, it is a simple procedure
to change over to us. We just require a few details from the previous operator showing the year to date figures and tax codes being used and some information from you about each employee on a form that we will provide to you. As soon as we have this information we enter it onto our system and we are ready to process your payroll for you.

Our Fees

We charge an initial set-up fee of £75 to set up your payroll for up to 50 employees and £1.75 for each additional employee.

For a business of up to 10 employees we would charge £17 a week if you have a simple weekly paid payroll run, or for a simple monthly run, £37 a month. If you have more than 10 employees, we would charge an extra £1.75 per employee. If your needs are something more than simple, we will happily quote you for a service to exactly fit them.

Under Real Time Information Reporting, you are now required to submit a weekly or monthly report electronically to HMRC. This declares the amount of pay, tax/NI deducted and also how many ‘average’ weekly hours each employee works for you.

For submission of this report for a monthly payroll, we charge £10 per month. For weekly payrolls we charge £5 per week.


Note: The fees shown are based on our average costs, and may be more or less than this, depending on the volume of work required and whether the payroll is straight forward, or involves commission calculations and bonuses, etc, and the time we think your work will take. Your fee will be confirmed, when we meet and before there is any commitment from you to proceed.